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[24 Oct 2020|08:52pm]
Hello! Sorry, this is a quick custom for you while I'm on my phone!

Asami is AMAZING! Is there anything you've always wanted to try with her? To go with the next most obvious candidate outside of Korra -- Mako's character really bugged me in the series, at least in regards to how he mishandled relationships, so I might have a hard time with him here, unless we sort of reimagined things! Varrick is also my uncontested favorite character in the series, I've always wanted to write him against Asami, where it seemed like there could be a lot of off-screen stuff to mine. There are tons of options, I'd love to hear your own preferences!

I happen to think older Aang is seriously qt and would be so down for anything against him. I do love to mix it up outside of the established ships, so like... Fire Lord Zuko might be interesting to me, or an OC. Or we could make he and Katara not so obvious by the end of the show and explore how things play out in subsequent years when they're basically adults.
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